TruMD Services & Products

Through the TruMD virtual clinic, you can access medical consultations with our dedicated team of full-time doctors, providing reliable and ethical medical guidance utilizing evidence-based-medicine.

You can gain access to our highly skilled and licensed doctors using multiple entry points including video call (Mobile App / Web App) and toll-free number.

Our doctors will be able to monitor your vital signs using user-friendly smart devices seamlessly integrated with our system via Bluetooth. Your readings will be automatically synced to your personalized electronic medical record. In this way, the progress of your health status will be carefully monitored.

Scalable & Individual Solutions

Benefits Designed For You

Benefits for Individuals & Families

  • Easy access to medical care and wellness advice.
  • No bookings required.
  • Providing evidence-based healthcare.
  • Focusing on personalized health management.
  • Improving on health engagement.
  • Tailored lifestyle support.
  • Reduce healthcare costs and optimize services.

Benefits for Employees

  • Availability of trained and certified medical professionals and wellness advisors.
  • Reliable evidence-based health guidance.
  • Prompt access to trustworthy medical consultations with minimal waiting times.
  • Convenient management of health conditions, including prescription services, telehealth monitoring where possible, scheduling specialist appointments as needed, and medication delivery where available.

Benefits for Employers

  • Supporting effective resource management by reducing unnecessary sick leave and absenteeism.
  • Enhance the health and productivity of your employees.
  • Chronic conditions identified and managed effectively to prevent escalation.
  • Reduce unwarranted emergency room visits.

Benefits for Government

  • Supporting Government in providing access to basic universal healthcare.
  • Decrease unnecessary hospital and emergency department visits.
  • Visual aids such as images, videos, or infographics to enhance understanding.
  • Augmenting government primary healthcare by providing access to medical tele-consulting services
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